What do we do if margins were free or they were closely approaching the inked margins?

If I’m doing a shave or a punch of a spot I’m concerned about–maybe squamous cell carcinoma or a basal cell carcinoma–it’s easy to know if the margins are positive you have to go back and treat it. What do we do, though, if on the biopsy if it shows the margins were free or […]

What is the significance of “follicular involvement” in a biopsy pathology report?

One of the questions we get from some of the providers that send us biopsies is “Why, when we make a diagnosis of actinic keratosis, squamous cell carcinoma or Bowen’s disease “with follicular involvement” — why we say that.” The main reason is sometimes you may have biopsied someone and it shows and actinic keratosis […]

Meet our Dermatopathologist, Dr. Wales

Dr. Cameron Wales is originally from south Florida. After his undergraduate studies at UC Santa Cruz in Bioengineering (highest honors in major), he completed medical school at University of Central Florida. He then did an anatomic/clinic pathology residency at UC San Diego, followed by a dermatopathology fellowship at UCLA.